Malicious Anonymous Emailers Identified at IP Lito Vilisoni & Christine Gounder

Unfortunately, pacificEyeWitness had only recently set up this site when these two well-known culprits attacked. Too bizarre.  Both have defamed the founder of this site for too long, always anonymously on blog comments using pseudonyms and emails like  Poor Obama.

They have, until now, never been named or held accountable. This post holds them accountable and names them for all the world to see.  As predicted, once we posted their IP and who they were, the nasty stuff ended. Just like that.  Initially we blamed the wrong people. But IP tracing corrected our error and lead us to disgruntled former News Editor for NiuFM Lito Vilisoni and her self appointed Deputy Editor Christine Gounder in Wellington. Despite having left the Network, under a cloud, the venom from them continued even after they were hired by Radio New Zealand.  Their new location for cyberbulling.

Christine Gounder and Lito Vilisoni were initially confronted back in 2008 as to  as to whether they were the anonymous emailers. They denied it vehemently.  But their digital footprints confirmed Christine Gounder, who is a dupliticious human being at the best of times,  and Lito Vilisoni, cut from the same cloth, stayed active with their smear campaign. Christine Gounder, a Fijian-Indian, is also a closet blogger on blogspot who posts anonymously attacking Fijians opposed to her viewpoints.

We could have said nothing about their conduct, and let it go. But given the damage they have done to people’s reputation, and their continued failure to acknowledge what they did, the lies they spun, we felt a responsibility to let people know what happened and what they have done.  A lot of good people left NiuFM because of them. They damaged reputations.  They lied and lied and lied. Have we received any threat of defamation from them directly at all? No, not at all.  To defame someone is to say untruths. This is not defamatory.

Are They Dangerous?

They are dangerous in the sense that they lack conscience and have little problem mis-representing the truth.  For all her malice and vindictive nature, Christine Gounder likes to  quote passages about Christianity, God and Faith.  If that is her practice of Christianity, no wonder this world is a mess with Christians like that. The  history detailed here on Lito Vilisoni and Christine Gounder can be verified by asking people who were on the board of Pacific Media Network back in the period in question, and also staff who were involved back then.

Vilisoni and Gounder regularly emailed and posted derogatory comments about their own colleagues such as BW and the Interim News Editor to NiuFM’s website, and other public sites, pretending to be a range of madep-up PI individuals. They often accused people of doing the very things they were doing, as though to deflect any suspicion. Their bullying and intimidating behaviour turned PMN into an unsafe workplace.  They took their malivious tendencies and continued as bullies on cyberspace.


Vilisoni and Gounder’s lies are now exposed for all to see. They would fit into the category of cyber bullies, well trained abusers, who do it anonymously. Much like schoolgirls in a schoolyard. Vilisoni and Gounder write to this site using pretend island names again, and gave their email address as: Poor President Obama. We knew Obama wasn’t in Wellington which is the location of their IP address We traced their IP address, after they posted their comments, and it lead us to Wellington, their home town and workplace.

The computer they were using to send the nasty anonymous emails:  either the IP address for a Radio New Zealand-based and owned computer. Or one in their own home in Wellington. We could get very specific here and give you those details.  What happened after we posted their email and this post?  We have received no more anonymous and nasty emails from Lito Vilisoni and Christine Gounder. Just like that. Pooft. They seem to have a morbid fasincation following around the founder of the site. Thank goodness for techology.

Back to the Beginning

Vilisoni was removed for mis- management issues with her own staff after senior journalists refused to work in the newsroom with her or her personal pet and sidekick Christine Gounder. Both have an unusually close and bizarre relationship with each other.   The newsroom was in crisis under Vilisoni and Gounder’s leadership. Staff refused to work under their management because they were unprofessional, treated colleagues badly,  plagarised stories from the Internet without attribution, picking and choosing favourites.  Lito Vilisoni managed the newsroom with the attitude of  a Queen and her subjects. It was embarrassing to see and hear about. Her unprofessional behaviour and conduct was information was never disclosed publicly in response to attacks on management changes because of legal action and HR issues pending.

Their Smear Campaign

After being advised of changes to the newsroom, Christine Gounder, Fiji-Indian, and Lito Vilisoni began their smear campaign sending anonymous emails from March 2008.  They managed to whip up a frenzy of manufactured injustice appealing to the ready-to-be outraged crowd such as the questionable Will Illolahia.   Christine Gounder and Lito Vilisoni egged him and others on.  Will Illolahia was well known for sending out emails to media, every man and his dog, raising suspicions about the change of editorial management and political conspiracies. None of it was true. The damage these two disgruntled staff members did to a community radio network and reputations is unforgiveable in many ways.  It caused previously supportive NiuFMers like us to lose interest in the station and being part of it, ever again.

Their smear campaign and stalking on cyberspace continued long after their targets had left NiuFM.  Think about it. These are two journalists now working at Radio New Zealand and this is the dark and dodgy behaviour they display.  Honesty is an unknown in their world. Cyberbulling reached a fever pitch when they even included children of those targetted as targets and subject to their derisory comments.  Targetting children they did not know,  maligning their names, was most disturbing, bizarre. That was the  straw and hence, this post.


Untrustworthy as a news editor as Lito Vilisoni was. her own staff including Bob W., its most senior and experienced journalist, at the time, filed several grievances against her.  Lito Vilisoni also made a concerted habit to smear Bob’s name at every opportunity, putting down his reputation to those at the Network. She undermined her own staff. Others  including a former senior staff poached from Radio Live ended up walking out  after having enough of Christine Gounder and Lito Vilisoni’s leadership.  That was the final catalyst for change. It was a vile environment.   Vilisoni responded by carrying out a nasty smear campaign against key staff who tried to fix the problem.  She deeply resented any direction or counsel. Bringing in this interim news editor, who later set up pacificEyeWitness, was when Vilisoni and Gounder and Maeli did their most foul and underhanded work.

Let this be a warning to any company or newsroom who hires them. Christine Gounder and Lito Vilisoni are two of the most dishonest and corrupt journalists on this planet. But they are also totally wacko. They have no problem lying and posting anonymous comments about people at the Network, and yet at the same time, complaining about their colleagues doing that to them.  Chances are, unless you shine a light on their malicious behaviour, they will keep doing it as a way of dealing with anger and upset in another situation.

Their Associations and How They Used Them in Their Smear Campaign

Stupidly publications like Pacific Media Centre online publications, such as Pacific Media Watch, and their naive friends like AUT Professor David Robie jumped into the fray arguing phantom issues on Christine Gounder and Lito Vilisoni’s behalf.  He wrote his posts as though he was representing the Pacific community. That was never so. He was, however, representing his intimate friends Christine Gounder, from Fiji and a former student at the University of South Pacific, and bestest friend Lito Vilisoni.  But in all his writing, Robie as well as Will Ilollahia, never disclosed their personal friendships with Lito Vilisoni and Christine Gounder at Pacific Media Network.  Even the awards they received at the peace media awards. David Robie was part of the panel and the actual work they submittted received the lowest ranking. It was a competition in which every submitter would have received some award regardless of the quality of their work.  It was not of a high standard. We have tried to locate it for you to listen to and judge for yourself.

This nasty world of experiences with those specific and unhinged nutters in journalism  lead to the formation of this site. We were tired of the gatekeepers, the lack of honesty and transparency from some in journalism such as Christine Gounder, Lito Vilisoni, the questionable Will Illolahia, and those who have been part of their smear campaign and cypberbulling. That’s not journalism.  Christine Gounder, a Fiji-Indian who like to portray herself as pro-human rights in Fiji, and her equally bizarre Lito Vilisoni do not represent the community.

How They Got Their Jobs At Radio New Zealand

At the time of this latest anonymous and vindictive email, they were (and still are)working for Radio New Zealand. How they got those jobs is largely thanks to their  CV referee,  David Robie, a personal and intimate friend to both women. The two are welll known at taking grievances cases and they certainly did that to Pacific Media Network. In the end,their employment grievance which continued after they started at Radio New Zealand resulted in a government-funded payout. That happened last year under a new CEO, not the same one, and the better option was to end the protracted legal battle over their misconduct.

Employment law in New Zealand tends to favour employees, even errant ones. That was the argument we heard. So the Network, a government-funded one, paid out a tidy sum to two dishonest Lito Vilisoni and Christine Gounder. It allowed the Network to move on. But people ought to know they made money out of their dishonest grievance.

Their CVs will not have the names of their direct boss during their time at NiuFM, then Pacific Media Network’s CEO Sina Moore or the chair of the board Tino Pereira.  If you want an accurate character reference, and what we are saying here, those individuals can verify it.

Lack of Disclosure

We can’t vouch for AUT Professor David Robie’s personal character. But we do know three enjoy a close and personal relationship. That is probably the extent of his crime in this, for all we know. That has helped Vilisoni and Gounder to gain way more trust than they should be.   Based on events in March 2008, of which this latest nasty email stems from,Vilisoni and Gounder are two dishonest journalists who give the industry, and Pacific ones in particular, a bad name.

They didn’t expect that we would have the facility to identify their IP number and that we’d post it online for all the world to see. Their bizarre behaviour of stalking and sending anonymous emails began in March 2008 when they purposely planted an anonymous email to New Zealand media outlets intended to mislead and arouse suspicion where there was no fire about Vilisoni being removed from her post as News Editor.  What was never mentioned in the story is the background of why she was removed. For HR reasons, that was not possible to reveal at the time. She began a sleuth campaign, while working at the station, sending out anonymous emails to seek public sympathy for her plight. Nasty and malicious.  She mislead media outlets with the anonymous emails that Barbara Dreaver later bounced upon and turned into a beat up.

Mema Maeli

Mema Maeli was another who  played a key part in Vilisoni and Gounder’s dishonesty at NiuFM and 531pi.  They played into the usual conspiracy leanings of a  TV journalist Barbara Dreaver who  was largely ignorant of  commercial-public broadcasting operations. Truth was sacrificed for Dreaver’s beat up using Gounder, Maeli and Vilisoni’s dishonesty as her foundation. Their fabricated  spin, the anonymous email and the resulting story  by Dreaver (which did not seek any interviews with the subject of the story ignoring a basic tenet in journalism), was later the subject of a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner, New Zealand’s Broadcasting Standards Authority, and TVNZ Complaints Review.

The matter would have gone further down the road, but without a limitless pool of money, that wasn’t an option. TVNZ spun the usual tale, always reserved for requests from interview subjects to view the footage, that film was either erased or tapes missing.

The more people see the offending IP address, the safer it is for others. Don’t tolerate these same individuals populating the same sites…they’re always anonymous, using pseudonyms, the last one noted is NoFeee21 or some such on a blogger’s site.   Thank goodness, police take e-crime seriously.

Online Stalkers with a Sense of Entitlement

p.s: As expected, publishing Vilisoni and Gounder’s IP address online has effectively stopped them sending anymore anonymous and malicious emails. Some say that controversy is great for this website. We just want to get on with what we do, without bizarre,out-of-left-field attacks and veiled threats by Lito Vilisoni and Christine Gounder. It’s unfortunate to have to write this. Because it shouldn’t be  this way. But sadly, you can’t be everyone’s friend. So it means you do need to be wise, prudent and eagle-eyed about who your online stalkers are, and what they are.

Who would have thought we’d have online stalkers because of a misguided sense of entitlement? At least we finally know it was them who sent the anonymous emails. Their names: Christine Gounder, Lito Vilisoni, and Mema Maeli. A ll former and disgruntled employees at Pacific Media Network/National Pacific Radio Network/NiuFM & 531pi. All three blatantly lied and feigned ignorance of their actions in March 2008. But regardless of their refusal to be honest, we think you should know.  We’ve outed them.   If you want to verify what we have written here, ask board members from the 2008 year and staff at that time who were in the newsroom.  Yes, you can contact us as well.


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  2. rnz insider says:

    Lito has been a disaster at RNZ and is the worst bulletin editor the place has seen. She did not come as advertised.

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