Noticeboard: Sailo Paepaega Family in Alafua or Saleapaga

This family hopefully will be easier to find because we have at least a few helpers on the ground at Saleapaga. If anyone already has this information, to save time, please let us know as soon as possible so we can pass it on.

I am looking for information on the well being of Mr Sailo Paepaega and the Paepaega family.

They are originally from Alafua but may now be located in Saleapaga, Aleipata.

Does anyone know if they have survived or if they need medical, emotional or financial aid?

Thank you.
Naomi Wareing, Australia.


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9 Comments on “Noticeboard: Sailo Paepaega Family in Alafua or Saleapaga”

  1. Avosa Godua says:

    Hi Sailo, i m overwhelm 2 have stumbled by this site. If u ever receive my note please respond. Your lost brother. Mr Godua. Papua new Guinea.

  2. Tom says:

    Just read this post. This guy was my best friend at school samco class 93…have since lost touch. Any update on the well being of him and his family? Cheers.

  3. I mean $18,000 for a new house

  4. Go on youtube and search for Samoa tsunami, or Saleapaga tsunami and ask there. I found out about my friends by doing this…their relatives saw my post and answered me that they are alive and well.
    The folks from Fao Fao Beach Fales in Saleapaga are on there in a video so you might find someone who knows them.
    I just asked the question in a a few youtube videos and got two responses and even got the phone number for my friends and called them!
    Anybody who lost a house the government will give them $18,00 or a new house worth that much.

  5. Leah says:

    My ex and I were friends with Sailo some years ago. When the tsunami news broke I was praying that he and his family were safe and well. If you have had this confirmation we would be grateful to hear any news?

  6. Naomi Wareing says:

    I think it should be good now, sorry.

    • Sailo Paepaega says:

      Hi Naomi,

      Its Sailo here. I was lucky to survive. I got fractured rips and scratches from the Tsunami. It been a long long time (years) since we last talked.
      Anyway, I can see u have a different last name. God bless you. How’s mum and dad and Brad?
      Plse if you receive this message please reply

      Alofa mo oe


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  8. Naomi,
    Can you check the email you recorded on here. It doesn’t appear to be correct. If you can resend your email to, that will be great so we can pass on any specific information to you that might come our way.