Auckland City Council Votes To Delay Policy Aimed At Protecting Communities From More Liquor Stores; Leaving It To SuperCity

Media Release
City Vision-Labour Councillors – Auckland City Council
For Immediate Release

11 March 2010

Council takes no action on Liquor Stores

Auckland City Council’s City Development Committee today voted to delay developing Council policy which would prevent liquor stores opening up near local schools and community facilities says Councillor Glenda Fryer.

“The Liquor Licensing Authority (LLA), backed by a High Court decision, has advised the Council that our current licensing guidelines cannot stop liquor stores opening wherever they like. Council has been told by the LLA to develop policy that adequately reflects local community attitude to the sale and supply of liquor. Today the Citizens and Ratepayers councillors block voted to prevent that happening.”

“Our communities have begged us to keep liquor stores away from schools and community places. Instead of taking that action, the Committee today has chosen to leave it up to the super city to deal with. That could take up to five years. That’s not good enough – communities want action now.”

“The Mt Roskill Community Board has asked Council to ensure that there are no new liquor stores allowed unless a public need can be demonstrated rather than the present case where communities are legally limited in their ability to object. Members of the public and other Community Boards made equally passionate submissions about the harm liquor stores are doing in their communities, especially next to schools” says Councillor Fryer.

“While the Citizens and Ratepayers Councillors sit on their hands over liquor stores, they are needlessly rushing to close down the much loved Monte Cecilia Primary School in Hillsborough against the wishes of the local Mt Roskill community” concludes Councillor Fryer


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