Auckland SuperCity’s New Boundaries Announced


Mana Kwanatanga Rohe

Media Release

Thursday 11 March, 2010

Final determination of new Auckland Council boundaries

and representation arrangements

The Local Government Commission today released its final decisions on the boundaries and representation arrangements for the new Auckland Council.

At a briefing for Auckland mayors, councillors, community board chairs, interest groups and MPs, Commission Chair Sue Piper outlined the Commissions decisions.

After the presentation of our proposals on 20 November 2009, we received more than 700 submissions. As a result of these submissions, we have made a number of changes, including an additional ward and a further two local boards.

We have worked hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for the people of Auckland as intended by the legislation. Our goal has been to achieve the best balance between good local governance and effective engagement of local communities,” she said.

The decisions specify:

The number, names and boundaries of the wards for electing 20 councillors to the governing body of the Auckland Council.

The number of local boards that will share decision-making with the Auckland Councils governing body and the boundaries, names and number of members for each of those boards as well as any electoral subdivisions for these areas.

The location of the northern and southern boundaries for the area of the Auckland Council as a whole.

Arrangements for the area of the current Auckland Region and Franklin District that will not be within Auckland.

For full determinations, report and maps go to!OpenDocument


Local Government Commission

Mana Kwanatanga Rohe

Auckland Media Release-11 March 2010.doc


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