Week-Long Pacific Youth Sports Conference Opens in Manukau

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One of Monday Morning Speakers: Prof. Jiri Dvorak

FIFA Chief Medical Officer Prof. Jiri Dvorak spoke at the Pacific Youth and Sports Conference  this morning, sharing examples of FIFA initiatives that address non-communicable diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

oceaniafootball.com is pleased to bring you the following profile including Prof. Dvorak’s academic history and some personal details.

Prof. Jirí Dvorák currently works as FIFA’s Chief Medical Officer and as a Senior Consultant for the Department of Neurology Spine Unit at the Schulthess Clinic in Zurich. He is also Chairman of the FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre.

During his time with football’s world governing body, he has been instrumental in setting up FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence to ensure that players on all continents know where to go for expert care in football medicine. He has also spearheaded the ‘Football for Health’ programme including FIFA’s 11+ initiative to prevent injuries and promote physical activity.

Born in the Czech Republic, Prof. Dvorák gained a Medical Degree in 1976 from the Medical Faculty in Zurich and became a Professor in 1995. He has picked up numerous awards, including the “Venia Legendi” of Zurich University for original work on the subject of the “upper cervical spine” for the speciality “Neurology, i.e. spine disorders.”

After working as a consultant and visiting Fellow at Christchurch School of Medicine in 1987, he became Honorary Advisor in Musculosceletal Medicine for the university in 1994. He has also been a visiting Professor at Yale University and various other Medical Schools.

Married to Babette Kisling, Prof. Dvorak has four children.

Photo courtesy FIFA Media

Oceania Football Confederation.


One Comment on “Week-Long Pacific Youth Sports Conference Opens in Manukau”

  1. Nick Bakulich says:

    This is a fantastic event, a real shame to hear our government sent no representatives to the opening and even more embarrasing to hear the Australian Government made a financial contribution to this initiative.

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