FIJI: Hurricane Tomas Final 12 Hours of Intensity

We hoped to bring you information direct from Fiji’s Meteorology Centre but we are having trouble opening its page in a timely way. This morning’s update from Fiji Times

Update: 9:19AM HURRICANE Tomas, the Category 4 Tropical Cyclone (TC), is on its final 12 hours of intensity, and is currently hammering the Lau Group.

The eye and core feature of the cyclone with destructive Storm Force to very destructive Hurricane force winds are now moving over Northern Lau Group and are expected to affect Central and Southern Lau later, said director of meteorology, Rajendra Prasad in a brief issued at 9am today.

The Northern division which has been pounded by hurricane force winds and effects since Sunday evening should now see winds decreasing slowly today with rain easing, he said.

In the Central division, including the capital city Suva, damaging gale force winds with gusts to 85km/hr can be expected today with periods of rain.

Mr Prasad said some flash flooding was possible in the Central division but not on a large scale.

To read the rest click here – Fiji Times Online.


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