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pacificEyeWitness is undergoing some big changes and revamping the site.  About time, we thought!

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2 Comments on “Major Site Changes at PacificEyeWitness”

  1. I was fascinated by your March 2010 article on the descendants of a lost Jewish tribe, now living as Africans in Zimbabwe.

    There is a long held tradition in Agrica that the Ark of the Covenant is guarded in a sacred place by a mystical order of monks of the Ethiopian Coptic Church. Lalibela in Ethiopia is such a sacred place, although the placement of the Ark is a secret. This is a mystery as intriguing as the Holy Grail, believed to be in Shropshire, England, and delivered via Emperor Haillie Selassie before the war. The Amharic Ethiopians are believed to be descended from the ‘Lost Tribes of Israel’.

    King Solomon, Son of David, was said to have followed the Queen of Sheba to Ethiopia and King Solomon’s legendary mines are believed to be in Zimbabwe.

    There are many examples of long distance migration from tribal histories.The Samburu tribe of Kenya and Tanzania claim lineage from the Lost Legion of Rome, with square Roman like shields, Roman Nilotic features and headressses resembling Roman helmets.

    • Great to read your comments Colin.

      What you say does not surprise us at all. The Lost Tribes of Israel, and who they now are in terms of how race, culture and geography goes, is fascinating. When we read, and watched the video, it reminded us of many oral stories of migration to Polynesia, one being that our descendants migrated from the Americas, who came them from Israel. That’s what we grew up with. And that’s why we posted the story because for us, it was not a far-fetched story at all, given what we knew about our descendants. We have transferred your comments to the following page where we live these days.

      We have now moved our site, and this post, to

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