Fast Facts about pacificEyeWitness.org

Founder: Vienna Richards.
Start date: September 2008.

Self-funded and voluntary pilot project.

Everyone who writes or helps on this site, including our founder, is a volunteer  who cares about the issues and stories we cover.  We built the site using social media tools, most of which are, freely available online. The one major cost is personal time, regular sleep and  the loss of an active social life. We jest not. No one is paid a salary or wage at this time. We do pay in lots of love, and kindness though. We do this because we believe people are hungry for a news and online site like PEW.  We also wanted to provide readers with the same information that journalists are often privy to, thus removing the power of traditional news gatekeepers.

PEW takes that power away from the usual  media gatekeepers  and shares it with the people. After all, news journalism is meant to serve the public interest, to inform, to stimulate and help people have a voice in the world. To speak out against injustice and to help alleviate the suffering in the world.

Since its inception, PEW has built a loyal following of readers around the globe in Europe, the United States, New Zealand, and Pacific island nations. Their response confirms the need for PEW’s ongoing existence.

If you believe in what we do, let us know.

Wishing you the best in life

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